Essay on Women Empowerment || महिला सशक्तिकरण पर निबंध


Essay on Women Empowerment || महिला सशक्तिकरण पर निबंध

Essay on Women Empowerment || महिला सशक्तिकरण पर निबंध

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'Women Empowerment' refers to actions performed to raise women status in society and reduce all gender disparities also to give opportunity and freedom to make decisions. The first step toward women empowerment is to educating girl child.

It is said that when you educate a woman you educate a whole society.

             Almost all nation have history of mistreating women. Women empowerment is more important in India. Reasons behind this are,

Early Marriages : Women get married off young and cannot persue higher education.

Injust Treatment : In India domestic violence is a significant issue. Because they believe that women are their property the males beat up and abuse their wives.

Women Saftey : Women's saftey is also major issue in India.

            Women empowerment is necessary condition for a nation to flourish and develop. There are various ways to empower women eg.

1. Women must given equal opportunities in every field.

2. Girls education should be compulsory.

3. The same of divorce and abuse must be thrown out etc.

Women empowerment is a critical aspect of gender equality and it is necessary to achieve a more equal and just society.

The History of Women Empowerment

The history of women empowerment does not start from an exact date, it is a cumulative process, however, there are certain moments, protests, revolutions that furthered the cause of women empowerment much more speedily.

In the ancient days and even in the recent past, women, in hundreds of countries, were not allowed to vote. Age time passed, more and more women came together and made their voices heard. Gaining voting rights significantly lifted the position of women in society. Many suffrage of women's voting rights. In the US, individual like Elizabeth Stanton and organisations like National American Women Suffrage Association, National Women's party played a key role in securing the voting rights for women. In the UK, the Women's social and political union aggressively campaigned for women's suffrage. It is a same for society at large when we consider that many countries granted woman the right to vote after a very long time. Kuwait, Qatar, Zaire, Bahrain, Andorra, Central African republic etc granted women the right to vote after the second half of the 20th century.

No woman can be impowered if she is not financially independence. Gone are the days when women had to depend on their fathers or husbands to get things that they wanted. From the 20th century onwards women got more opportunities to join the workforce. However, at the same time, many women in England were forced to work both in the workplace and in the household to support the family. After the second world war women, on their own, choose to join the workforce. Today more and more jobs are opening up for women. Women are proving to be worthy of the designation assigned to them.

In the household, too, women have gained significant decision-making powers. The decision to have a baby are not is now decided by both men and women. The use of contraceptive pills empowered women further. Women can now enjoy unhindered work life and education.

Women empowerment cannot be successful if the women in the lower rung of the society are not empowered. After the onset of the 21th century, women belonging to the grassroots level have found many vocational works, labours that were only reserved for men. Today there are many female masons, bus driver, petrol pump attendants, farmers etc. And all these women are doing their job extremely well.

Women empowerment in India

Women empowerment in India cannot be compared with that in other countries. Women were highly respected in the vedic ages. The focus on women's education was never absent. The word ‘Shahdharmini’ was known from the vedic days. Shahdharmini means - equal partner. It is thus very clear that women in India in ancient days enjoyed respect, education and reverence.

As time passed the Indian culture was contaminated with the conservative middle eastern and British culture. As a result, the power and respect that women enjoyed were lost.

Gradually after independence, women started regaining the lost power. Today women are everywhere. The country saw its female female prime minister and President, the country has many eminent or P.T Usha, the country has been blessed with talented women scientist like A. Chatterjee or B Vijayalakshmi. Women are joining the combat forces in India without any hesitation.

However, many women in India are still finding it hard to come out of the clutches of patriarchy - particularly in the rural sector. The empowered Women must urge these women to raise voices, protest and seek help from the authorities.

Inequality and the way forward

Today, more than ever, women are enjoying freedom. They can decide on their own. However, there is a long way to go. Women must protest against the use of religion to suppress them. Not all military positions are open to females. There is a wage gap in the film industry, in sports and normal jobs. The woman need to use their hard-earned power to banish all the injustices that they have been facing for time immemorial.


The term women empowerment refers to gender equality. It especially favours women rights.

Women empowerment all referred to the empowerment of women to take all decisions from there choice. So that she can take all of the decisions for her social and economic development. Empowerment of women will surely incourage all of the women to stand for their education and the life of their own choice. The woman empowerment mission incourages women to be self-reliant. So that she can have positive self-esteem and generate potential in herself to compete with the world and make the position of her choice. This is only possible if equal opportunities in society will also be available for women. Empowering Women Would mean encouraging them for there socio-economic development. From ancient times women have suffered a lot in society. They were not given the equal right to education and to be self-reliant. They were only restricted to household works. They were kept away from education and development. Women constitute half of the population however are contribution to the economy of India is very low. This depicts dad there are not equal opportunities available for women in society and the responsibilities which are given to them do not have any contribution to the GDP of the country.

The develop India as a superpower the development of women is equally important and it should be a priority to give her a chance to develop herself. To achieve it We should focus mainly on the education of girls. Moreover, they also get equal pay to the men for equal work. To empower the women our goals also should be to remove child marriage and the dowry system from the whole nation. The Indian government is also working to make India more suitable for women so they can also get equal opportunities and can grow themselves. In his regard, the supreme court of India also made it mandatory to provide admission to the national defence academy for women. The Indian government also declared that military school also will be available for women now onwards. A common approach to handle this problem can be a remarkable solution for it.

10 lines on Women Empowerment 

1. Women empowerment helps in improving the standard of life of women in rural as well as metro areas

2. Women's empowerment helps in preventing the cruel crime of female foeticide.

3. It also helps in reducing domestic violence and crimes against women.

4. Women empowerment helps in reducing gender inequality in society.

5. The empowerment of women has also brought a lot of economic and social gains to India

6. Women empowerment is important for solving societal issues like poverty, unemployment and birth control in India.

7. Women empowerment helps in securing the rights of women in India thereby maintaining their social status in society

8. Women empowerment helps in achieving comprehensive growth meaning growth in each sector and for all the sections of society.

9. Empowered women can contribute to nation building by joining any sector like an army, social service, politics, education, corporate sector etc.

10. The government should focus, especially in rural areas, for empowering women as the majority of India's population resides in the village.

People Also Asked –

Ques. What is women empowerment in short essay?

Ans. Women empowerment refers to making women powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves. Women have suffered a lot through the years at the hands of men. In earlier centuries, they were treated as almost non-existent. As if all the rights belonged to men even something as basic as voting.

Ques. Why is women's empowerment important?

Ans. To overcome the situations and to have an independent role in society, women's empowerment is needed. Empowering women is the fundamental right of women. They can have equal rights to participate in education, society, economics and politics. They are allowed to have higher education and treated in the way like men.

Ques. What are the five types of empowerment?

Ans. As per Keshab Chandra Mandal female empowerment could be defined in five separate categories: social, educational, economics, political and psychological. Social empowerment might be one of the most prominent forms of empowerment shown in the mainstream media.

Ques. What is the main topic of women empowerment?

Ans. Women empowerment helps boost women's status through literacy, education, training and awareness creation. Furthermore, women's empowerment refers to women's ability to make strategic life choices that were previously denied them.

Ques. How do you start a speech on women empowerment?

Ans. More and more no. of women are getting a quality education. But the true meaning of women empowerment will be achieved when gender ine will be eliminated. We need to give equal opportunities to women for equal pay, equal respect as equal to men. We look forward to such a nation.

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