Rbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24


Rbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24

Rbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 : राजस्थान बोर्ड कक्षा 9वीं इंग्लिश अर्धवार्षिक पेपर 2023-24

Rbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 : राजस्थान बोर्ड कक्षा 9वीं इंग्लिश अर्धवार्षिक पेपर 2023-24

Rbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 नमस्कार प्रिय छात्रों आज हम आपके लिए Rbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 लेके आए है जिसकी सारी जानकारी आपको हम देने वाले है जिसमे की परीक्षा में आने वाले प्रश्नों को हम आपको पहले ही बता देंगे जिसके साथ आपको उन प्रश्नों का उत्तर भी मिलेगा जिसे याद करके आप अच्छे नंबर ला सकते है यदि आपको English half Yearly Paper के सारे प्रश्न जानने है तो इस पोस्ट को हमारे साथ लास्ट तक देखना पड़ेगा और आपको सारे प्रश्न प्राप्त होंगे और आप अच्छे नंबर से पास हो जायेंगे।

Half Yearly Examination, 2023-24

General Instructions:

1. Candidate must first write their Roll Nos. on the question paper.

2. All the questions are compulsorily.

3. Write the answer to each question in the given answer book

Read the unseen passage carefully and answer the following question: -

An old man was walking slowly along a street. One day he saw a little boy who was trying to reach a doorbell which was too high for him. He was a kind hearted old man, so he stopped and said. "I will ring the bell for you." Then he pushed the bottom of the bell so hard that it could be heard all over the house.

The little boy looked up at him and said. "Now we will run away, come on or we shall be caught". Before the old gentle man knew what was happening the naughty little boy had run away round the corner of the street leaving the old man to explain to the angry owner of the house, why you had rung the bell?

Q.1. What was the little boy trying to do?

Q.2. What did the boy say to the old man?

Q.3. Where was the old man walking?

Q.4. Why you had rung the bell ? Who says that?

Q.5. Write one word for the following:

A device that rings to alert. D……….


Gandhiji wanted to live like a poor villager. He dressed like one and lived in a hut. His needs were very few and he owned only a few things. He had only two or three dhoties, a pocket watch, a pair of spectacles and a pair of chappals. He ate from a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon.

Gandhiji led us in or fought against foreign rule and got us our freedom. But he fought without arms. He practised ahinsa and was fearless. The foreign rulers put in jail a numbers of times. But he did not hate them. He never hated anyone. He loved all the people of the world. So people everywhere called him a Mahatma.

Q.1 How did Gandhiji want to live?

Q. 2 How did Gandhi fight?

Q. 3 What name did people call Gandhiji?

Q. 4 Write one word for the following: 

A person who does not fear anyone. F……

Q. 5 Find out the word from the passage which is opposite to "Violence".


Q.11. Imagine that you are Suman, a student of IX class. Your father is a poor farmer. Write an application to your Principal requesting exempt your school fees.


Imaging that you are Sanjay. You have an urgent work at your home, Write an application to your principal to take leave for two days.

Q.12.Write a short paragraph in about 50 words on any one of the following.

(i) My School


(ii) My best teacher

Q.13. Complete the following story with the help at given out lines.

(i) A greedy dog


(ii) Thirsty crow

Section-C (Grammar)

Q.14. Write the opposite of the following words:

(i) Question

(ii) True

(iii) Far

(iv) Day

Q.15. Write the opposite gender of the following words-

(i) Queen

(ii) Mother

(iii) Daughter

(iv) Male

Q.16. Write the numbers of the following words-

Section DText Book

Q.17. Choose the correct alternative:-

Which is India's highest civilian award?

(a) The Padamshri

(b) The Padma Bhushan

(c) The Padma Vibhushan

(d) The Bharat Ratna

(ii) What was the name of the little girl?

(a) Kezia

(b) Simmy

(c) Kezi

(d) Sony

(iii) Albert Einstein was born on 1879.

(a) 12th March

(b) 10th March

(c) 14th March

(d) 15th March

(iv) Death lurked inches away.

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

(d) Four

(v) How many friends did Abdul Kalamhave?

(a) Three

(b) Four

(c) Five

(d) Six

(vi) Santosh Yadav scaled Mt. Everest at the age of -

(a) Twenty

(b) Thirty

(c) Fifty

(d) Sixty

Q.18. Choose the appropriate words and fill in the blanks

(shouted, replied, remarked, ordered, were complaining, completely)

(i) I forget about it.

(ii) I am not afraid the women.

(iii) "Leave me alone"My mother

(iv) The children that the roads were crowded and noisy.

"Perhaps he isn't a bad sort of a chap after all", the master.

Q.19. Fill in the blanks-

(i) St_rm

(ii) Co_stal

(iii) Su_vive

(iv) Th_nder

(v) Fla_t

Q 20. Match the following column 'A' with their meaning in column 'B’



(i) Main

(a) सोचना

(ii) Story

(b) बनाना

(iii) Leave

(c) मुख्य

(iv) Think

(d) रवानाहोना

(v) Make

(e) कहानी

Q.21 Answer the following questions-

(i) Why was kezia afraid of her father?

(ii) What did Einstein call his destdrawer?

(iii) Where was Abdul Kalam'shouse?

(iv) Why was Santosh sent to the local school.

Q.22. What did the super cyclone wreaked in the life of the people of Orissa?

Q.23 What reason did he give to sergei for his telling lies?

Q.24 What is the colour of the dome of the Boudhanath Stupa.

(a) Black

(b) White

(c) Green

(d) Yellow

Q.25 Which sweet did the child want from the sweet shop?

(a) Burfi

(b) Gulab-Jamun

(c) Rasgulla

(d) Jalebi

Q.26 The narrator's grandmother bought a monkey for Rs.

(a) Ten

(b) Seven

(c) Five

(d) Four

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उत्तरRbse Class 9th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24  के प्रारूप में बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न, लघु उत्तरीय प्रश्न और दीर्घ उत्तरीय प्रश्न शामिल होंगे।

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