Essay on Science is a good servant but a bad master


Essay on Science is a good servant but a bad master

Essay on Science is a good servant but a bad master

Science is a good servant but a bad master essay 

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Science is a good servant but a bad master essay

Uses and Abuses of Science

Hints : 1. Introduction, 2. Time and distance. 3. Means of communication, 4. In the field of medicines, 5. Uses of machines, 6. Weapons of war. 7. Loss of faith in God, 8. Conclusion.

"It is excellent 

To have a giant's strength but is tyrannous

To use it like a giant."          -Shakespeare

"Science has given powers fit for the gods yet we use them like small children."

                                         -C. E. M. Joad

1. Introduction- Science is neither a blessing nor a curse. It is what man makes of it. Science can be the greatest of the blessings or the worst of the curses. We blame science. In fact, we should blame man. Science as a servant serves us in many ways. It is a blessing if we use it as a servant. It is a curse if we make it our master. If science behaves like a servant, its services are excellent. The railways and motor cars combine speed with safety in traversing long journeys. The radio and the aeroplane have annihilated time and distance. The cinema and television provide entertainment and education. The telegraph and telephone carry messages expeditiously. The invention of new cures and miracle drugs has put a check on human suffering and disease. Germs die, men live. Fatal diseases are no longer fatal. The score of death is lower; the average age of a man is higher. Science renders a thousand services that every child knows. But the trouble starts when science becomes a master. We are told that if in World War III, a score of hydrogen bombs are exploded in any part of the globe, the whole of mankind will perish. A few million will die on the spot, but the radioactivity will so poison the atmosphere, that all the remaining people too will wither and die within the next ten or twenty years. The atom bomb and hydrogen bomb do no service to man; they are only a signal for mass death and disaster. Here science is the master and man a helpless servant, waiting for doom, at the mercy of tyrant science.

2. Time and distance- Science has helped us in conquering time and distance. Trains, motor cars, steamers, steamships and acroplanes take us quickly and comfortably from one place to another within a short span of time. Man can fly in the air like a hird and swim in the ocean or under water like a fish. When science becomes our master, it is very destructive, Aeroplanes and ships can be misused for carrying war materials for destruction. The aeroplanes can be used for dropping bombs on the innocent people. They can destroy beautiful buildings, cities, museums, dams, men, women and children in no time. Railway trains can be misused for carrying armies, arms and weapons to enslave other people and countries. Man has become a slave to the machines. Human labour has been minimized but that has led to a more luxurious living and less of physical activity. Mankind has begun suffering from such ailments which our hard-working forefather never knew of. More and more use of machines had led to large scale unemployment. The pesticides and germicides used in saving the crops are sending out such alarming signals as demolishing and dismantling the ozone layer which was protecting the earth from the evil effects of the sun rays. The world is getting exposed to the situation of great alarm and danger.

3. Means of communication- Wireless, telegraph and telephone are very useful. Telephone and telegraph are the simplest means of sending news and information from one place to another. Wireless has done wonders But all these things can be used for war propaganda as well.

4. In the field of medicines- Science has done wonders in the field of medicine. New injections and medicines have come into use. Many fatal diseases can now be cured. But medical science has its dark side also. These medicines cause reactions and give birth to many unknown diseases.

5. Uses of machines- Science has invented labour-saving devices. Lifts take us to the top of a lofty building in no time. Cranes lift up huge weights. Machines plough fields, sow seeds and reap the harvest. There are machines that do the work of hundreds or thousands of men. But man has become the slave of machines. Machines have given birth to capitalism. Machines and factories have thrown many labourers and craftsmen out of employment.

6. Weapons of war- Science has given man destructive weapons of war. The fearful picture of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that of Gulf War is before us. Nuclear weapons can destroy in a moment what it takes centuries to build. While all this is true, the question is, who is really responsible for all this calamity–science or man. Really, it is the man who is to be blamed for all his misfortunes. He has been constantly misusing science for his own selfish ends. The aeroplane, for example, as the swiftest means of communication, is certainly a big blessing of science, but man, in his madness, has been using it for dropping deadly bombs and devastating thickly populated cities. The atom bomb will destroy the world but the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes can turn this world into heaven. So, it is not science, but its use or misuse is a significant point. Science is neither a blessing nor a curse. It is for its user—the man-to decide whether he wants to use science as a blessing or misuse it as a curse.

7. Loss of faith in God- Science has destroyed man's faith in God. It has made man materialistic. He has forgotten human values. His God is only money.

8. Conclusion- Thus we see that science has brought both Heaven and Hell to the world of man. It is up to man to choose his place of living. The scientists of today consider themselves as masters of nature. Inspire of all scientific advancements, earthquakes still occur, cyclones still come and leave back large-scale loss of life and properties. If man has become the master of nature why cannot he avoid such disasters? So this proves what Shakespeare had said ‘There’re more things in heaven and earth which are beyond our philosophies’.

Therefore, what is necessary is that we may use science as our slave — take the utmost advantage from it but should not permit it to become our master. We have to keep the ‘genie’ under our control, use it for the good of mankind; cure diseases with its help, explore treasures of this earth through it; communicate with one another at the quickest pace but keep its dangerous use under check.

Let science remain our ‘slave’ and not allow it to become our master. Let science like Alladin’s ‘genie’ remains in Alladin’s controlling power not to overpower and be a menace to mankind.

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