MP Board Class 12th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 / कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2023-24


MP Board Class 12th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 / कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2023-24

MP Board Class 12th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 / कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2023-24

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MP Board Class 12th English Half Yearly Paper 2023

नमस्कार मित्रों स्वागत है आपका हमारे एक और नये आर्टिकल पर। आज की पोस्ट में हम आपको 'MP Board Class 12th English Half Yearly Paper 2023-24 / कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2023-24' के बारे में विस्तार से जानकारी देंगे एवं इस पेपर से संबंधित सभी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तर पर भी परिचर्चा करेंगे। ये सभी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तर एमपी बोर्ड द्वारा जारी सिलेबस पर आधारित हैं। तो इस पोस्ट को आप लोग पूरा पढ़िए। अगर पोस्ट अच्छी लगे तो अपने दोस्तों में भी शेयर करिए।

Half Yearly Examination-2023-24


                        Class - 12th

                      Subject - English

Max. Marks: 80                 Time: 03 hours

Instructions: (i) Attempt all questions.

(ii) This question paper has been divided into four Sections.

(iii) Figures on the right-hand margin indicate the marks allotted to the questions..

SECTION - A (Reading)

Q.1 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below-[1 × 10 = 10]

Cataract is the major cause of Blindness, which is also caused by damage to the cornea. It occurs more often in old age. As one starts growing old, the lens of the eye hardens, loses its transparency and becomes opaque. It obstructs the light rays from entering the eye. The onset of cataract blurs the vision. Sometimes, the cataract patient sees multiple images instead of a single object image. Because of the gradual development of cataract, the afflicted person loses his/her vision and the world becomes dark to him/her. The development of cataract is a complex process. However, the following factors can be attributed to its formation. (Cataract generally develops in old age but sometimes, children are born with cataract because of hereditary defect. Eye injuries too, can cause cataracts.

People exposed to sun rays for longer periods develop cataract earlier than others. Researchers Opine that the smoke inhaled while smoking is linked I to skin cancer. The victim loses vision and the world becomes dark to I him. Carries substances internally damagin gin the eyes. Ultraviolet radiation, L invisible to the human eye,


(i) What is the major cause of blindness?

(a) Pollution

(b) cataract

(c)Mobile phones

(d) None of these

Ans- (a) Pollution

(ii) Why does the lens of the eye become opaque in old age?

(a) it loses its transparency

(b) It becomes dirty

(c) it becomes old

(d) All of these

Ans- (a) it loses its transparency

(iii) How does cataract affect its victim Ultimately?

(a) Leads to partial loss of vision

(b) leads to complete loss

(c) both of these

(d) None of these

Ans- (d) None of these

(iv) How does one detect cataract in early Stages?

(a) Vision becomes clear

(b) Vision becomes blurred

(c) see multiple images

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Ans- (d) Both (b) and (c)

(v) Find the word from Para 1 that means 'that through which light cannot enter.

(a) Transparent.

(b) semitransparent

(c) Transparent

(d) None of these

Ans- (b) semitransparent

(vi) Noun form of patient.

(a) Patient


(c) passionate

(d) None of these

Ans- (b)Patience

(vii) Type of cancer caused by ultraviolet Radiation is........

(a) Blood cancer

(b) Breast cancer

(c) skin cancer

(d) Lung cancer

Ans- (c) skin cancer

(viii) The onset of cataract... ...the vision.

(a) diffracts

(b) Protracts

(c) Blurs

(d) Distracts

Ans- (a) diffracts

(ix) When does cataract generally occur?

(x) How is smoking responsible for the development of cataract? 

Q 2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below.

Destruction of forests has a major impact on the productivity of our crop lands. This happens in tw ways. Soil erosion increases manifold and the soil literally gets washed away, leading to an accentuated cycle of floods and droughts. But equally important is the impact of the shortage of firewood on the productivity of crop lands. When fire wood becomes scarce, people Begin to bum cow dung and crop wastes. In many places cow dung and crop Wastes are now the major sources of cooking energy. Thus slowly every part of the plant gets used and nothing goes back to the soil. Over a period of time this nutrient drain affects crop productivity. Add to this the technology of the Green Revolution, the technology of growing high yielding varieties on a limited diet of chemical fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphates and potash. The total biomass production goes up and so does the drain of the nutrients from the soil.


(1) Make note based on the above passage

(ii) Give a suitable title too.

SECTION-B (Writing)

Q.3 You are Praveen Mahajan, residing at 23 Janki Nagar Indore. Write a letter to friend Jaideep describing him about your preparation for the upcoming Board examinations.


 You are Amit Nema, living at 123- Gagan Hostel Ratlam. Write a letter to Your father describing him about a picnic spot you have visited last Sunday.

Q.4 Write a letter to the collector of your district about the lack of facilities and Malfunctioning of the government hospital of your area.


Write a letter to M / s Deepali stationary mart, New market, Ratlam asking Them to send their rates and terms of supply of stationary items .

5. Write a short paragraph on any one of the following topics in about 120 words.

(a) The Problem of Unemployment

(b) Value of Games and Sports

(c) Pollution Problem: A Great Challenge

(d) COVID-19: its impact on our life


Design an attractive poster with catchy slogans on 'Blood Donation Camp'.

SECTION - C(Grammar)

6. Fill in the blanks - (Any five)

(i) If it rains, we…… get wet. (would, could, will)

Ans- will

(ii) You…….regret this. (shall, will, can)

Ans- will

(iii) You…....not repeat this. (shall, may, might)

Ans- may

(iv)........... I call the doctor? (should, would, will)

Ans- should

(v) I think it.............rain today. (may, must, can't)

Ans- may

(vi) you……not play with fire. (Should, must need)

Ans- should

Q.7 Do as directed - (Any five)

(i) He will come today. I am sure of it.

(Combine the pair of sentences into a Noun Clause)

(ii) As soon as the Sun rises, the fog disappears.

(Rewrite the sentence using No sooner.........than)

(iii) I know the place where he lives.

(Identify the underlined clause)

(iv) Mohan is the tallest player in the team.

(Rewrite the sentence using Positive Degree) 

(v) He does not like tea. He does not like coffee.

(Combine these sentences using 'neither............ nor')

(vi) They are too young to take part in this competition.

(Rewrite the sentence using 'so that')

SECTION-D (Textbook)

Q.8 Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow-

The old man was just as generous with his confidences as with his porridge and tobacco. The guest was informed at once that in his days of prosperity his host had been a crofter at Ramsjo Ironworks and had worked on the land. Now that he was no longer able to do day labour, it was his cow which supported him. Yes, that bossy was extraordinary. She could give milk for the creamery every day, and last month he had received all of thirty kronor in payment. The stranger must have seemed incredulous.for the old man got up and went to the window, took down a leather pouch which hung on a nail in the very window frame, and picked out three wrinkled ten-kronor bills. These he held up before the eyes of his guest, nodding knowingly, and then stuffed hem back into the pouch. 

Questions: (1) What was the profession of the host?

(a) milkman

(b) Ironsmith 

(c) Shopkeeper

(d) crofter

Ans- (c) Shopkeeper

(ii) Which of these has similar meaning to the word 'incredulous?

(a) Simple 

(b) Doubtful 

(c) Innocent

(d) naïve

Ans- (c) Innocent

 (iii) What did the crofter do with the milk.

(a) consumed himself

(b) Sold to neighbours

(c) supplied to diary 

(d) Stored for cheese making 

Ans- (b) Sold to neighbours

(iv) From which lesson the above extract has been taken?

 (a) Indigo 

(b) The Third Level

(c) The Rattrap

(d) The Enemy

Ans- (d) The Enemy

(v) Porridge is -


(a) food 

(b) bird 

(c) game 

(d) all of these

Ans- (a) food 

Q.9 Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow-

(A) But after the airport's

 security check, standing a few yards away, I looked again at her, wan, pale 

as a late winter's moon.

And felt that old

Familiar ache, my childhood's fear

But all I said was see you soon, Amma,

All I did was smile and smile and smile..........


(i) Why did the poet look at her mother again?

(a) To see if she was sleeping

(b) To check if she was well

(e) to bid her good bye

(d) To say something to her

(li) Which of these has the poet compare mother's face to?

(a) Full moon brightness

(b) Late winter's moon

(c) young children

(d) Young tree

(iii) Which of these was the reason of mother's pale face?

(a) Mother's old age

(b) Mother's depleting energy

(c) mother's illness

(d) Both (a) and (b) 

(B) Early this year, I found myself aboard a Russian research vessel the Akademik Shokalskiy heading towards the coldest, driest, windiest Continent in the world: Antarctic(a) My journey began 13.09 degrees north of the Equator in Madras, and involved crossing nine time zones, six Checkpoints, three bodies of water, and at least as many ecospheres.


(1) Name the chapter.

(a) Evans Tries an O Level

(b) Memories of Childhood

(c) The Tiger King

(d) Journey to the End of the Earth

Ans- (d) Journey to the End of the Earth

(ii) Who is 'I' in the above lines?

(a) Tishani Doshi

(b) Kalki

(c) Pearl S Buck

(d) William Saroyan

Ans- (d) William Saroyan

(iii) What was Akademik Shokalskiy?

(a) A Boat 

(b) A Canoe

(c) A Watercraft 

(d) All of these

Ans- (d) All of these

(iv) Where was the narrator travelling to?

(a) Amsterdam 

(b) Australia

(c) Antarctica

(d) America

Ans- (b) Australia

Q.10 Answer the following question in about 30 words - (Anyfive)

(i) What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day?

(ii) What does the title, 'Lost Spring' convey?

(iii) Why did Franz not want to go to school that day?

(iv) What is the "misadventure" that William Douglas speaks about?

(v) From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap?

(vi) Why did the iron master speak kindly to the peddler and invite him Home?

Q.11 Answer the following questions in about 30 words- (Any three)

(i) Why did Saheb's parents leave Dhaka and migrate to India? 

(ii) What had been put up on the bulletin- board? 

(iii) How did this experience affect him? 

(iv) Did the peddler respect the confidence reposed in him by the crofter? 

Q.12 Answer the following questions in about 30 words - (Any two)

(i) What did the British landlords want the pigeons to pay as rent? 

(ii) How does V. S. Naipaul comment on interview? 

(iii) What does Pancakes refer to?

Q.13 Answer the following questions in about 75 words - (Any two) 

(i) What are some of the positive views on interviews?

(ii) Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler?

(iii) Why did Gandhi consider the Champaran episode to be a turning point In his life?

Q.14 Answer the following question in about 75 words -

Mention any two problems faced by the bangle sellers.


How was Gandhi able to influence lawyers?

Q.15 Answer the following question in about 75 words - How did the instructor "build a swimmer" out of Douglas?


How did Douglas make sure that he conquered the old terror .

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