Bihar board Class 10th English second terminal exam question paper 2023-24


Bihar board Class 10th English second terminal exam question paper 2023-24

Bihar board Class 10th English second terminal exam question paper 2023-24

नमस्कार दोस्तों आज के इस आर्टिकल में चर्चा करेंगे बिहार बोर्ड सेकंड टर्मिनल एग्जाम आप लोगों के स्टार्ट होने वाले हैं कक्षा 10 English का महत्वपूर्ण क्वेश्चन आंसर आप लोगों को इस आर्टिकल में दिए जाएंगे तो इस आर्टिकल को पूरा पढ़ें और अपने दोस्तों में ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर करें।

Bihar board Class 10th English second terminal exam question paper 2023-24
Bihar board Class 10th English second terminal exam question paper 2023-24

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  Bihar second terminal exam               


                   Subject English 

                       Class 10th

Time: 3 hrs. 15 Minutes

General Instructions:-

Full Marks:- 100

Blade/Nail on OMR Answer Sheet, otherwise the result will be treated

1. Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable.

2. Figures in the right hand margin indicate full marks.

3. All questions are compulsory.

4. While answering the questions, candidates should adhere to the word limit as far as practicable.

5. 15 minutes of extra time has been allotted to read the questions and follow the instructions carefully.

6. Use of any electronic device is strictly prohibited.

7. This question paper is divided into two sections- Section A and

Section - B

8. In Section A, there are 50 objective type questions, each carrying 1 mark. Darken the circle with blue/black ball pen against the correct option on OMR sheet provided to you. Do not use Whitener / Liquid/Blade/Nail on OMR Answer Sheet, otherwise the result will be treated as invalid.

9. Section B, has descriptive type questions comprising 2 prose passages of 7 marks each and one passage from poetry carrying 6 marks for comprehension. Apart from these, there are four questions on writing skills, each of 5 marks. Each question has alternative options. There are 8 short answer questions of 2 marks each out of which you have to answer any five.

                SECTION:- A

          (Objective questions)

Q.No. 1 to 30 are based on prescribed texts. Choose the correct answer from the options given below. (30x1=30)

1. R.C Hutchinson has written

(A) Me and The Ecology Bit

(B) Acceptance Speech

(C) The Pace for Living

(D) Once upon a Time

2. In 'The Pace for Living' the author saw a

(A) movie

(B) play

(C) dance

(D) football match

3. 'Me and The Ecology Bit', has been authored by

 (A) R.C. Hutchinson

(B) Mahadevi Verma

(C) Leo Tolstoy

(D) Jon Lexau

4. Which one is not one of the slogans in 'Me and The Ecology Bit'

(A) Save Earth

(C) Save Tree

(B) Save Mountain

(D) Save Water

5. Mahadevi Verma was bsically

(A) a dramatist

(C) a novelist

(B) a poetess

(D) a reporter

6. In the story written by Mahadevi Verma 'Gillu' was a


(C) Squirre!


(D) Peacock

(B) a poetess

7. Satyajit Ray was a well-known

(A) actor

(B) singer

(C) film director


8. According to the essay 'What is wrong with Indian Films', the average American film is a/an

(A) bad model

(B) average model

(C) good model

(D) excellent model

9. Aung San Suu Kyi', was born in

(A) Russia

(B) London


(D) America

10. 'Aung San Suu Kyi; won the nobel prize in the field of

(A) Peace

(B) Science

(C) Literature

(D) Economics

11. Tony Morrison received the Nobel Prize in

(A) 1990

(B) 1992

(C) 1991

(D) 1993

12. Once upon a time there was an old woman. Blind wise' has been taken from

(A) A Blind and Wise Woman

(B) Acceptance of Speech

(C) Once Upon a Time

(D) An Old Woman

13. Who has written 'The Unity of Indian Culture' ?

(A) Tony Morrison

(C) Leo Tolstoy

(B) Trinath Mishra

(D) Humayun Kabir

14. According to the writer of 'The Unity of Indian Culture' the.......Were regarded as the earliest invaders of the land

(A) Sakas

(B) Aryans



15. The story written by 'Leo Tolstoy' is

(A)Little Girls and Little Boys

(B) Little Girls Wiser Than Men

(C) Little Girls Cleverer Than Men

(D) Little Girls Smarter Than Men

16. Leo Tolstoy's story is about

(A)two girls

(B) three girls

(C) two boys

(D) three boys

17. God Made The Country; has been composed by

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) William Shakespeare

(C) William Cowper

(D) William Blake

18. According to the poem 'God made the Country', Man made

(A) walls




19.A poem written in fourteen lines is called

(A)an ode

(B) a sonnet

(C) a lyric

(D)an elegy

20. According to the poet of 'ode on Solitude; a happy man is satisfied with

(A)a few acres of inherited land

(B) more acres of inherited land

(C)a few crores of inherited money

(D) a lot inherited property

21. Burnt 'Polythene Bag' exudes

(A) Pungent smell

(B) Pure smell

(C) Pleasant smell

(D) Peculiar smell

22. Vidyapati belongs to

(A) Mathura

(C) Mahisi

(B) Madhubani

(D) Masaurhi

23. The Empty Heart' speaks about

(A) Happiness

(B) Greed

(C) Sorrow

(D) Fear

24. 'The Sleeping Porter' carries a load of

(A)twenty kilos

(B)twenty five kilos

(C)thirty kilos

(D) thirty five kilos

25. Who is the main character in the story 'January Night'?


(B) Halku

(C) Shekhu

(D) Harkhu

26. 'Allergy' has been written by

(A) P.S. Singh

(B) S.K. Singh

(C) S.P. Singh

(D) P.K. Singh

27. The Bet' is a story about

(A)a banker and a doctor

(B) a lawyer and a doctor

(C) a doctor and a farmer

(D) a banker and a lawyer

28. In 'Quality' the work of shoe making has been referred to as

(A) a sill

(B) an art

(C) a performance

(D)a profession

29. The real cook in the story 'Sun and Moon' is


(C) Minnie


(D) Ginnie

30. The bond between the daughter and the mother in the story Two Horizons' is

(A) Emotional

(B) Affectionate

(C) Intimate

(D) All of the above

Direction (31-33): Choose the best option for the following: 3x1=3

31. Choose the correct passive form of: They are going to perform a drama.

(A) A drama is going to be performed by them.

(B) A drama is going to perform by them.

(C) A drama is to be performed by them.

(D) A drama is going to perform.

32. Choose the correct passive form of: Somebody stole my pen.

(A) Somebody has stolen my pen.

(B) My pen was stolen.

(C) My pen has been stolen.

(D) Somebody was stealing my pen.

33. Choose the correct passive form of: 'The news shocked me.

(A) I am shocked at the news.

(B) I was shocked at the news.

(C) I have been shocked at the news.

(D) I was being shocked at the news.

Direction (34-36): Choose the correct indirect speech : 3x1=3

34. Pummy said, "I want to buy a car."

(A) Pummy said that I want to buy a car.

(B) Pummy said that she wanted to buy a car.

(C) Pummy said that she wants to buy a car.

(D) Pummy said that I wanted to buy a car.

35. Raunak says, "I shall go to Delhi."

(A) Raunak said that I shall go to Delhi.

(B) Raunak said that he will go to Delhi.

(C) Raunak says that he will go to Delhi.

(D) Raunak says that he would go to Delhi.

36. Ankur said, "Men are mortal."

(A) Ankur said that men were mortal. 

(B) Ankur told that men may be mortal.

(C) Ankur said that men are mortal. 

(D) Ankur said that men will be mortal.

Direction (37-39): Fill in the blanks with correct verb form. 3x1=3

37. He will be.....a match.

(A) played

(B) play

(C) playing

(D) plays

(B) playing

38. Slow and steady….the race.

(A) win

(B) won

(C) wins

(D) winning

39. Either Amit or Sumit….done it.


(B)had been


(D) was.

Direction (40-42): Choose the most suitable preposition.3x1=3

40. This is entirely….you and me.





41.Furniture is usually made.....wood





42.He was convicted…. murder 



(C) of


Direction (43-45): Choose the correct spelling.3x1=3


(B) Teutiion


(D) Teutiion 


(B) Disastrous


(D) Disastrus



(C) Occason

(D) Ocassion

Direction (46-50): Choose the most suitable translation.3x1=3

46.सच्चाई कभी परास्त नहीं होती।

(A) Truth may not be defeated. 

(B) Truth never gets defeated.

 (C) Truth can never be defeated. (D) Truth shall never be defeated. 

47. धूम्रपान स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक है। 

(A) Smoking can be injurious to health. 

(B) Smoking was injurious to health. (C) Smoking is injurious to health. (D) Smoking is injurious for health. 

48. मुम्बई कोलकता से छोटा नगर है।

 (A) Mumbai is small than Kolkata. (B) Kolkata is bigger than Mumbai. (C) Mumbai is a smaller city than Kolkata. 

(D) Mumbai is small and Kolkata is big.

49. आज मुझे बहुत काम करने हैं।

 (A) I am doing lot of work.

 (B) I have to work lot of today. 

(C) I have to do a lot of work today. (D) I have done lot of work today. 

50.सड़क के दोनों ओर वृक्ष थे। 

(A) Bath eirlas of the road were trees.

(B) all sites were trees of road side

(C) trees were there beside road

(D) there were trees on either side of the road.


          (Descriptive Questions)

1.Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follows:

An old man with steel-rimmed spectacles and very dusty clothes sat by the side of the road. There was a pontoon bridge across the river and carts, trucks and men, women and children were crossing it. The mule drawn carts staggered up the steel bank from the bridge with soldiers helping to push against the spokes of the wheels. The trucks ground up and away heading out of it all. The peasants plodded along in the ankle deep dust. But the old man sat there without moving.

(i) What type of bridge was there across the river?

(ii) Describe the old man in your own words?

(iii) What did the peasants plod along?

(iv) Who all were using the bridge ?


Coconut is the most important nut in the word. It is one of the biggest of all nuts and almost all parts of the tree are useful to the man. It is an elegant palm tree growing into a height of hundred feet.

The flesh of the green coconut is used as a vegetable, the milk inside the young nut as a fresh drink. Rope matting and brooms are made from the outside layers which protect the nuts.


 (i) What is the height of an average coconut tree?

(ii)Which is the most important nut in the world?

(iii) What is made from the outside layers of the coconut? 

(iv) Make sentences with: Coconut, Flesh

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follows:

In the world, have we made health an end in itself? We have forgotten that health is really a means to enable a person to do his work and do it well. A lot of modern medicine is concerned with promotion of good health. Many patients as well as many physicians pay very little attention to health; but very much attention to health makes some people imagine that they are ill. Our great concern with health is shown by the medical columns in newspapers, the health articles in popular magazines and the popularity of the television programmes. Yet, it only results in more people with imaginary illness. The healthy man should not be wasting any time talking about health he should be using health for work he does and the work that good health makes possible.

(i) What is modern medicine concerned with?

(ii) What is the impact of much attention to health?

(iii) What should a healthy man do?

(iv) What is the message of the passage?


Rabindranath Tagore was a poet, writer, musician and philosopher. He was born in 1861 in Calcutta to Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. Tagore was popularly called 'Rabi'. Music was an important part of the Tagore family. Ravi too liked poetry and music. He wrote his first poem 'Banphool' when he was just 15. It was later published in a magazine. Rabindra Nath Tagore had also a been interest in the folk music of Bengal. He wrote nearly 50 books and more than 3000 poems. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 for his book, 'Gitanjali'.

(i) Who was Rabindranth Tagore? What did he like? 

(ii) Which was his first poem?

(iii) Which award was given to him in 1913 and for what?

(iv) Make sentences with: Music, Interest

3. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions that follow in your own words.

The mountain and the squirrel

Had a quarrel

And the former called the latter

'Little Prig'

Bun replied,

"You are doubtless very big;

But all sorts of things and weather

Must be taken in together

To make up a year

And a sphere.

And I think it no disgrace

To occupy my place.

If I am not so large as you,

You are not so small as I.

And not half so spry:

I'll not deny you make

A very pretty squirrel track.

Talents differ, all is well and wisely put:

If I cannot carry forests on my back

Neither can you crack a nut."

(i)Who are quarreling in the poem?

(ii) What should be taken up together to make up a year?

(iii) What is the concluding message of the poem?


When I went out I stole an orange

I kept it in my pocket

It felt like a warm planet

Lovely where I went smelt of oranges

Whenever I got into an awkward situation

I would take the orange out and smell it

And immediately on even dead branches, I saw

The lovely and fierce orange blossom 

That smells so much of joy.


(i) What did the poet steal and where did he keep

(ii) When did smelling orange help the poet?

(iii) Make sentences with: Orange, Joy.

    Questions from Textbooks

Direction: Answer any five of the following questions: (5x2=10)

(a)What does the narrator of 'Me and the Ecolgy Bit' do on Saturdays and Sundays?

(b) Mention one feature that Indian films need.

 (c) How were the Aryans regarded till recently, according to The Unity

of Indian Culture'?

(d)Who provides music to villagers, according to the poem 'God Made

the Country'?

(e) What did the Man pray for in 'The Empty Heart'? 

(f) What is the impact of high pitched strain in 'Koel"? 

(g) What did Mr. Gessler feel about his job of shoe making in 'Quality'? 

(h)Why did the narrator leave the girl in 'Love Defiled'?

5. Write a paragraph on any one of the following in around 60-70 words

a. A Journey by Train.

b. Impact of Social Media on Youth.

c. Your Favourite Poet.

d. Well begun is half done.

e. A Village Fair.

Diraction (6.11) Answer any three from Q.No. 6 to 11.3x5=15

6. You are Ravi, the sports captain of your school. Your teacher has asked you to notify the students about a football match going to be organized in your school. Write a notice in about 50-60 words asking the students to watch the match.

7. Write a report in about 60-70 words about your visit to a renowned museum of your state.

8. You are Preetam of +2 High School, Patna. Write an application to your Class teacher requesting him to grant you leave for a week to take care of your sick grandmother.

9. You are Ajay studying at S.A. Residential School. Write a letter to your parents in about 60-70 words, asking them to come with some essential things that your need.

10. You are Saunak. Write a speech in about 60-70 words to be delivered on the occasion of 'Gandhi Jayanti'. 

11. You are Arti. Write a short message in about 30-40 words to your father informing him that you will be a little to reach hom today.

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