Essay on Rainbow in English


Essay on Rainbow in English

Essay on Rainbow in English

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                         Essay on Rainbow

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 Table of Contents

 1. Introduction

 2. How is a rainbow formed?

 3. Types of rainbow

 4. Importance of seven colors

 5. Purple

 6. Purple color

 7. Blue color

 8.Green color

 9. Yellow color

 10. Orange color

 11. Maroon

 12. Conclusion


 essay on rainbow in english 

Introduction :- Nature's beauty has many forms and one of those beauties is colorful rainbow.  Everyone must have seen the rainbow at one time or the other, which is often visible to us clearly in the sky during the rainy season.  A rainbow is made up of seven colours.  Rainbow appears in the sky after the rainy season.  There are seven colors in the rainbow, which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and purple.  All these colors are visible to us due to the rays of the sun.  In the rainy season, the rays of the sun fall obliquely on the clouds.  Then these colors appear scattered in the sky in the form of stripes.  The shape of this belt is like a rainbow.  Indra is considered the god of rain, hence this belt of seven colors is called 'rainbow'.  It looks very beautiful to see.  Rainbow is made up of seven colors.  Some people believe that when a rainbow appears after rain, it does not rain after that.

How is a rainbow formed?

One of the most important things for a rainbow to form is sunlight and the other is water particles in the atmosphere.  Rainbow is formed only by the presence of these two.  Whenever it rains, tiny particles of water remain in the atmosphere/air and then these particles act like a natural prism.  Actually whenever the sunlight (which we see as white) passes through these small water particles.  So these particles divide it into different colours.  After this, these different colors are visible to us in the form of rainbow in the sky.

Types of Rainbow:- There are two types of rainbow.  The first - the primary rainbow and the second - the secondary rainbow.  If you ever see two rainbows together, you will notice that there is a difference in the order of the colors of these two rainbows.  The order of colors of both are opposite to each other, understand it in such a way that red color will be at the top of a rainbow and purple color will be at the bottom, then in the second rainbow you will have red color at the bottom and purple color at the top.  Let's see

इंद्रधनुष पर निबंध,इंद्रधनुष पर निबंध 10 लाइन,इंद्रधनुष पर १० लाइन निबंध,इन्द्रधनुष पर निबंध हिंदी में,essay on rainbow in hindi ।।इंद्रधनुष पर हिंदी में निबंध,इंद्रधनुष पर 10 लाइन हिंदी में,इंद्रधनुष पर 10 वाक्य हिंदी में,हिंदी में इंद्रधनुष पर 10 लाइनों,इंद्रधनुष पर 10 पंक्तियां हिंदी में,मोर पर निबंध हिंदी में,वर्षा ऋतु पर निबंध हिंदी में,इंद्रधनुष,मोर पर निबंध 20 लाइन हिंदी में,इंद्रधनुष के रंगों,इंद्रधनुष कैसा होता है,इंद्रधनुष के रंगों के नाम

Importance of seven colors: - It is believed that all the colors around us have some or the other importance and they are related to our life.  It is said that this also maintains the balance of our body.  Because it gives us new direction and new energy.

We all have come to see that before the rainy season, thick clouds cover or the rain is of rim jhim nature and the sun also comes out.  At such times we see rainbow.  A rainbow is made up of seven colours.  And these seven colors of the rainbow have different significance.

Violet color:- Violet color appears at the top of the rainbow.  Which is named after a vegetable and the name of that vegetable is brinjal.  Purple color is the color that represents happiness, gaiety, luxury, pleasure and all these things.

Purple color:- On the second number, purple color appears in the rainbow, which is dark blue like berries, this color always inspires us to rise high and move forward fearlessly.

Blue color: - The color of the sky and the sea is blue, which appears on the third number of the rainbow, blue color inspires us to think and act calmly and coolly, along with this color gives us humility.  Also inspires to show.

Green color: - Green color appears at number four in the rainbow.  The way it is named, in the same way it appears to be a colour.  Green color represents greenery, prosperity and greenery of the earth.  Green color always inspires to keep blooming and stay green always.

Yellow color:- The fifth color of the rainbow is yellow color, this color is found in the sun, this color inspires us to be energetic and always do good work and this color also reflects our ability and intelligence.

Orange color: - Orange color is the sixth color of the rainbow. This color is always considered a symbol of good thinking and hope, from this color we get the knowledge that there is morning after every night, this color means that there is hope after despair.

Red colour:- The last color of the rainbow is red. Red color always inspires to walk on the path of sacrifice, sacrifice, success, enthusiasm, devotion, good luck.

Conclusion:- The bow of Lord Indra is called Indradhanush. According to Hindu religion, Lord Indra is considered the God of rain and people worship him.  Everyone likes rain very much.  Rainbow appears in the sky after it rains.

The rainbow is very large in size and has seven colors decorated in a very beautiful way, which looks very attractive.  Rainbow attracts everyone towards itself.  It starts from one corner of the earth and goes to the other side of the earth in the shape of a half circle and ends there.


1. Rainbow is made up of how many colours?

Answer – Rainbow is made of seven colors.

 2. When does the rainbow appear?

Answer- Rainbow appears in the sky after the rainy season.

 3. How is a rainbow formed?

 Ans- One of the most important things for the formation of a rainbow is the sunlight and the second is the water particles present in the atmosphere.  Rainbow is formed only by the presence of these two.

 4. How many types of rainbow are there?

 Answer- Types of rainbow :- There are two types of rainbow.  The first - the primary rainbow and the second - the secondary rainbow.

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